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100% of teachers said Levered helped them differentiate learning for each student

"Levered not only helps our ELs, not only helps our students that struggle with reading comprehension...it helps the students who need to be challenged. It hits all those areas... When you’re a teacher with 26 or 27 students, it’s almost impossible to get to all those students on a daily basis, and Levered allows me to do that." -Kathleen Garcia, ARUSD

Next-level blended learning

  • Competency-based adaptive online curriculum
  • Whole class & group instruction
  • SDAIE and GLAD aligned
  • Data-driven intervention (Tiers I and II)
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring support

Levered starts with covering every Common Core standard—each activity of the competency-based personalized curriculum is mapped to a standard that is easily viewed by the teacher. Levered’s pedagogical approach incorporates principles from the theory of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME), which grounds conceptual development in real-world contexts. RME dovetails nicely with SDAIE instructional strategies for supporting English language development through context-rich instruction.

SDAIE & GLAD alignment

SDAIE, and GLAD approaches incorporate a focus on collaborative work and student to student interaction. Within Levered we facilitate class openers, based on real-time data of where students are struggling, peer tutoring as well as group activities, accessible via the teacher dashboard.

Staying connected

Levered’s in-dashboard notifications on student progress promote a stronger teacher-student connection, as does the structure of Teacher Check-in points incorporated throughout the online curriculum. Check-in conversations allow students to have input in shaping their path through the curriculum and provide opportunities to discuss and adjust the student’s pass score at regular intervals.

Support and enrichment

Additional support for English Learners comes from integrated GLAD strategies focused on previewing academic language with rich visual supports, including interactive video glossaries, available throughout every lesson. But growth requires the ability to go beyond and Levered offers enrichment activities that allow students who need a challenge to go deeper into mastering concepts.

Better tools for better results

better results

2018 results on the Smarter Balanced Test from Chula Vista Elementary, in San Diego, California.

  • Levered ELs ended school year w/ higher scores than CA avg. for English Only students
  • Economically disadvantaged Latino students made 2x growth for their subgroup statewide
  • Salt Creek Elementary had the best 4th CAASPP scores in Chula Vista ESD, 3 years running (out of 48 elementary schools, incl. charters)

Growth for all achievement levels

data of achievement levels

The hard work and success of students visualized by looking at the achievement levels where we saw over 50% growth in "Exceeding Standards" and a collapse of the "Standard Not Met" category, for the same cohort of students.

Levered was designed from the ground up to generate this level of proficiency, we don't just offer tools for intervention, but also enrichment activities to allow students to go deeper into their mastery of the topic.

  • Adaptive, competency-based online curriculum maximizes growth for all learners
  • Data-driven Tier I and Tier II intervention tools support struggling students
  • Seamless enrichment makes it easy to challenge students who have mastered grade-level standards

Commitment to Learning Research

Levered aims to engage and excite the diversity of learners in student-centered classrooms by applying best practices from the Learning Sciences.

Development Through Pilots

We started with the latest Learning Sciences recommendations in developing Levered. Concurrently, we piloted our 4th-grade curriculum for three years to ensure we reach, support, and enrich the full range of students. Levered students learn extensively, especially economically disadvantaged and students who are multilingual learners, and retain their learning as they move to the next grade.

Supporting Teachers

We are strategic in how we use data to empower teachers to make decisions about their students. The Levered dashboard facilitates planned check-ins, whole class openers, interventions, and peer-to-peer support all from real-time data of where students are struggling.

Continual Research

We rely on our school and teacher partnerships, and pilot program to provide ongoing feedback as we develop additional units and curriculum components in an effort to continue to meet the needs of their students.

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