Using Google Classroom & SSO

September 13, 2020 | Found in: Sso and Google classroom

Overview Google Single Sign On and rostering using Google Classroom is available for Levered schools. Email our support team if you would like this feature enabled.

The integration allows schools and districts to connect Levered to their Google Classroom tenant and allow students and teachers to login to their Levered account using their Google login credentials. Once enabled, you will be given a link for your Google Classroom admin to grant Levered access to teacher and rostering information. Levered's connection to Google Classroom information is read-only and will be used solely for setting up accounts for students, teachers and administrators, as needed.

Prerequisites Google sign on works only if the user's Levered account has their Google email address. Typically, this will be a district email address hosted by Google.

Sign-in with Google When Google SSO is enabled for your district, the login page will include a "Sign in with Google" button as well as a district specific login address that will look like, "district.levered.com." Click the button and choose the Google account you wish to use. If you're not already logged into your Google account, you'll be prompted to do that first.

Signing Out of Levered When you log out of Levered, you may want to ensure that you are logged out of Google if you are using a shared device.