Unlocking growth in elementary math.

"Levered has been a lifesaver with distance learning. The transition from in class learning to distance learning has been flawless ... Levered has not only been a game changer in my classroom, but a lifesaver during the pandemic."

  • Crystal Calafati, 4th Grade Teacher, Rio Plaza Elementary

Student focused, classroom & distance ready.

Students at every level engage with a dynamic, interactive curriculum with appropriate supports, enrichment, and authentic challenge. Progress is automatically assessed, personalizing each student's learning pathway toward proficiency.

Teacher powered.

Teachers make instructional decisions based on real-time student data. Whole-class instruction, small group interventions, and individual student support, based on where students are struggling in the moment, all happen in minutes.

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More than just screen time.

Our adaptive pacing and multiple instructional modalities make Levered effective at supporting the entire range of diverse learners, including students with disabilities. Additional contextual, connected SDAIE & GLAD® strategies for English language learners provide additional supports that benefit all students.

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Home school, empowered.

Our individualized, adaptive curriculum is perfect for gaining math proficiency at home. Levered provides parents and home teachers with tools and assessment data to support direct instruction, as hands-on or as hands-off as you need it to be for your child and your schedule.

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Results that change the game.

Over the last three years, our students averaged 160% of the state average growth on the Smarter Balanced test.

Title I schools using our 4th grade math curriculum showed an average of 70% higher math growth, compared to the previous year's cohort.

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Smarter tools, stronger engagement.

What Teachers and Principals Think

"With Levered, I can easily and strategically intervene and support my students in small group the very same day. The transition to distance learning was seamless for me and my students. I am still able to have data driven small group instruction in a video conference."

Vanessa Cruz, 4/5 Combo Teacher

"This program continues to prove its value in our current situation as it allows teachers the ability to receive data on student progress, while students continue to have access to high quality, standards-aligned material that is not bound to textbooks or paper materials. Thank you."

Rick Valdivia, 4th Grade Teacher, Rio Plaza

"There are so many features built in that helped not just planning time but the analysis and asssesment time to modify your planning time. It saved me hours and hours."

Melissa Shaw, 4th Grade Teacher

"We're data driven...in order to inform our instruction, using the reports that Levered provides is an instrumental tool for teachers."

Monica Ruiz, Principal, Montgomery Elementary

"Out of any other programs that they've [teachers] used, this is the one program they say is making an impact—not only on the students because the students love the program, they're engaged, and they're excited to use the program, but the teachers see so much value."

Lalaine Perez, Principal, Salt Creek Elementary

"That's what you really want, right? Have kids doing the rigorous work themselves, then giving them opportunities to share that knowledge with other people, which then reinforces their learning."

Jonathan Natividad, Principal, O.S. Hubbard Elementary


Levered Online Math Curriculum for Remote Learning
Levered Online Math Curriculum for Remote Learning
Levered is a teacher-founded blended instructional system with a mission to promote equitable access for all students to grade-level standards for elementary math.
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