A comprehensive instructional system for 3rd-5th grade math

adaptive curriculum Adaptive, personalized online curriculum

A dynamic, interactive curriculum engages students at all levels with appropriate support and authentic challenge.

Continuous, automated assessment of student progress informs instruction and personalizes the learning pathway for each student.

adaptive curriculum Context-rich instructional model

Our adaptive, interactive curriculum provides instant feedback with embedded intervention and enrichment lessons to support and challenge students at every level.

Integrated SDAIE and GLAD strategies for ELs provide contextual, connected instruction to benefit ALL students.

adaptive curriculum Measurable, standard aligned student growth

Aligned with Common Core State Standards, Levered promotes student learning and a deep understanding of underlying concepts mapped to specific standards.

Levered continuously assesses and personalizes, while monitoring each student's path towards proficiency.

adaptive curriculum Integrated pencil & paper group challenges

High level collaboration helps to develop higher order thinking, mathematical language and teamwork.

Teachers gain the opportunity for deeper assessment and time to focus on reasoning and strategy.

adaptive curriculum Powerful & intuitive teacher dashboard

Student data is integrated effortlessly and instantly, freeing the teacher to focus on the most critical aspects of instruction.

Easy access to student data supports real-time instructional decisions, with up-to-the-minute student monitoring and notifications to facilitate classroom management.

Smarter tools, stronger engagement.

Try the lessons

Sample Lessons

Standards-aligned lessons from Levered's 4th grade curriculum

Sample Lessons

100% of 4th grade teachers participating in our 2018 pilot group strongly agreed that they want to continue using Levered in their classrooms.

What Levered does

  • Continuously assesses and personalizes
  • Actively monitors students during class
  • Delivers a full, dynamic curriculum in one easy to use package

Allowing teachers to

  • Facilitate high level group work and discussion
  • Support students who need extra help
  • Challenge students who are ready for enrichment